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About Us

Just in case you were wondering about the people behind MAST – here’s the lowdown…

Who is Ciaran Casey​

I’m a native Dubliner with a long and varied work history, 17 years of which I spent as a street trader in Dublin when I managed a jewellery stall opposite Trinity College. So…….I reckon I’ve paid my market-trader dues!

Who is Alicia O'Reilly CIP ?

I’m another native Dub, also with a long and varied work history.   I became an official statistic as an Irish emigrant in the 1970’s first living in London and then Amsterdam where I encountered the intricacies & mysteries of the insurance industry.  My life-long love affair with markets also began in Amsterdam.

MAST opened for business on 1 January 2011. At the heart of the MAST ethos is the unshakeable belief that cooperation and a willingness to seek new solutions are vital to the success of any business.